Everything you may need for your quality lighting – we have you covered!


Light is an important factor that affects our well-being, efficiency, health and several other needs we may not be aware of. Appropriate illumination of our home, work environment and workplaces, warehouses and outdoor areas is a basic requirement and need in every facility. In Elektronabava we give special emphasis particularly to delivering products and solutions which guarantee adequate lighting.

Do you want to increase your sales? Would you like to increase your workplace productivity with fewer mistakes? Do you want to enhance the design of your indoor and outdoor environment? Do you want to save energy?

You can successfully face all these challenges by choosing an adequate lighting solution.

We offer comprehensive consulting services, make computer simulations, energy calculations and prepare lighting projects comprising:

  • light sources,
  • indoor and decorative lighting,
  • outdoor lighting,
  • emergency lighting,
  • lighting for sports facilities,
  • lighting poles and transmission line towers, etc.

In our offer, you will find products of established and reliable manufacturers and brands.