The widest range of electrical materials for the right solutions – everything in one place!


Providing information and expert advice to end users about the electric installation materials to be fitted in the building, is a complex and demanding professional task that requires careful consideration. In such a wide range of electric installation products and solutions, finding the right solution is key in successfully meeting the requirements of a customer who chose to entrust you with their project.

We have several different possibilities and solutions open to us. There are some who will always choose the most cost-effective approach ensuring the best value for their money. There is also a different kind of quality-conscious customers who are always prepared to pay more for high quality products. The third kind will always seek the cheapest solution. Any solution can be the right one considering the fact that it meets the specified requirements. The selected solution must justify the trust the customer placed in you, so that the customer will continue to trust you also in the future.

Elektronabava with its team of skilled professionals can assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs. In our range of products and services you will find all renowned manufacturers of electrical materials, and our product specialists will provide you with the most appropriate offer in terms of technical specifications and prices, taking in to account the requirements of the facility and your customer’s needs.

We provide individual products and complete solutions in projects comprising:

  • LV control and switching devices,
  • Power distribution solutions,
  • Reliable sources of power supply,
  • Motors and drives,
  • Product solutions for process automation.

In our offer you will find products of established and reliable manufacturers and brands.