Who we are

Elektronabava is the leading Slovenian specialised vendor and a member of the Rexel Group, a global distributor of electrical supplies and equipment. For over 60 years, Elektronabava has been supplying electrical materials and equipment to:

Electrical fitting contractors,
Industrial customers,
Electrical utilities,
Telecommunications utilities,

Why choose Elektronabava?

Elektronabava has been well known for offering a wide range
of products at a single location, thus providing prompt
and appropriate solutions to customers.

Throughout our existence, we haven’t changed our specialisation.
We can provide our customers with the latest products
from renowned global manufacturers.

Our customers will receive an expert partner possessing
a high level of technical expertise, being capable
of providing pre-purchase consulting.

By offering high-quality products from recognised
manufacturers providing superb quality at affordable prices,
we ensure you get the most for your money.

Rexel Group is a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, energy-efficient equipment and services, focused in its supply of products and services on three primary segments – industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Rexel Group provides its services to customers worldwide with the aim of assisting them to create added value and ensuring efficient operation of their businesses. The Group operates in 38 countries, with a network of some 2,200 branches, and employs over 30,000 people. In 2016, the Group’s consolidated sales amounted to €13.2 billion.


We are a specialized distributor of electrical materials and products, committed to be a reliable partner with expert knowledge based on long-term experience. By offering advanced technologies and products and providing consulting services to customers, we can find the most appropriate solution, taking into account the principle of sustainable development. Our capacity to respond and our products and services provide all you need at a single location. Elektronabava is constantly seeking ambitious, entrepreneurial and professional staff, recognizing and remunerating their performance and allowing them to operate and grow in a global business environment.


Our goal is to be the leading provider
of solutions in the areas of supply, distribution,
management of electricity and advanced
electrical products and solutions
for professional applications in Slovenia.


In our daily operations, we derive our inspiration consciously from tradition and remain open to the new challenges of the modern business environment. It is our objective not merely to do business, but to provide counselling and offer corresponding solutions. We create market visibility and recognition by responding promptly to customer needs.
We regard credibility and fair business practices
as an indispensable component of collaboration.
We endeavour to implement it on a daily basis, also with your help.

Seeking to be at the cutting edge of development of electrical materials, a considerable effort goes into education and training of employees. By working with us, customers gain a competent partner with a high level of technical expertise and capable of providing proper pre-purchase consulting.

Throughout our existence, we have not changed our specialization (product range), being able to successfully merge tradition with a modern customer-oriented approach. In this way, we can offer access to the latest products of the most renowned local and international manufacturers. By offering high-quality products from recognised manufacturers, providing superb quality at affordable prices, we ensure you get the most for your money.

R & D
It is our wish to provide fast and easy access to our products and services. Elektronabava is improving the quality of its services in terms of accessibility as well as constantly extending its range of products and services.

As one who truly cares for our common living environment, we are actively contributing to rational energy use and are committed to improving the overall quality of life.

About Company
Full company name:  ELEKTRONABAVA, specializirana trgovina z elektrotehničnimi materiali d.o.o
Abbreviated company name:  ELEKTRONABAVA d.o.o
Company headquarters: Cesta 24. junija 3, 1231 LJUBLJANA
Company Registration Number: 5003555
Tax number: SI 75777037
Managing director: Marin Pavšek

Bank accounts:

UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d., Šmartinska cesta 140, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 2900 0005 0549 661

SKB banka d.d., Ajdovščina 4, 1513 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0310 0100 2929 466

NOVA LJUBLJANSKA BANKA D.D., Trg republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0292 3001 5651 769

ABANKA VIPA D.D., Slovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 0660 680


1949 Elektronabava was established on 12 April 1949 through the decision of the government of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia from the purchasing department of GEDES (the former Slovenian electricity utility). The company started its operations in June of the same year under the name “Elektronabava, podjetje za nabavo elektrogospodarstva SRS” (providing procurement services for the electric power generating and distribution utility of the former Socialist Republic of Slovenia).

1951 Elektronabava became involved in foreign trade operations through the “Drava River Agreements”, when it began importing electrical equipment and material in exchange for the exported electricity to Austria on behalf of the GEDES utility.

1952 After the general transformation of the economy and the independence achieved by companies, after the abolition of the general directorates, on 12 March 1952, Elektronabava obtained the import/export registration to conduct business with electrical and other materials. Throughout the years since its establishment, the company operated as a full liability company.

1955 Elektronabava was registered as an independent company authorised for the import of electrical equipment and material in Ljubljana with its head office at Resljeva cesta 18.

1962 Elektronabava moved to new business premises at Titova cesta 1.

1973 In August, the company moved to its new premises at Titova cesta 40 in the centre of Ljubljana, registered as Elektronabava p.o., specializirano izvozno-uvozno podjetje z elektrotehničnim materialom (wholesale distribution, export and import of electrical materials).

1990 Elektronabava purchased the old premises of the Energoinvest factory and converted them to storage facilities. Normal operations were resumed in renovated warehouse premises at Cesta 24. junija 3 in 1993.

1993 Within the framework of reconstruction of the old Energoinvest facility, the first retail outlet was opened in Črnuče in October 1993.

1995 In the process of ownership restructuring, Elektronabava was transformed into a joint-stock company under majority ownership of inside owners. The company had its headquarters at Slovenska cesta 58 in the centre of Ljubljana.

1999 Elektronabava moved its entire operations to the new premises in Črnuče, at Cesta 24. junija 3.

2000 According to the decision passed by the general assembly, the activities were initiated to sell the company shares to the French multinational corporation Rexel, which in the process of a public tender, became 100% owner of Elektronabava.

2001 In April, the joint-stock company was reorganized into a limited liability company, 100% owned by Rexel S.A., Paris. Since then, the company has been operating according to the guidelines provided by the owner.