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60 years of providing electrical parts and supplies!

1949 Elektronabava was established on 12 April 1949 through decision No. IV-2833/49-2 of the government of FLRY from the purchasing department of GEDES (the Slovenian electric power company of that time). It began conducting business on 1 June 1949, when it acquired the right to operate through entry in the register of state economic enterprises at the Ministry of Finance of FLRY. It operated as "Elektronabava, electrical energy purchasing company SRS". On the basis of contigents, it distributed material to electric power utility industries. The company had its headquarters at rented premises on Resljeva cesta; its warehouse was in Črnuče at the location of the former Jambor company at Cesta 24. junija 1.

1951 Elektronabava became involved in foreign trade operations through the "Drava River Agreements", when it began importing electrical equipment and material in exchange for exported electricity to Austria on behalf of GEDES.

1952 After the general transformation of the economy and the independence achieved by companies after the abolition of the general directorates, on 12 March 1952 , Elektronabava obtained the import–export registration to conduct business with electrotechnical and other material. Throughout the years and since its establishment, the company operated as a full-liability company.

1955 On 4 February 1955, it was registered under number 204 as an independent company Elektronabava, company for the import of electrical equipment and material, Ljubljana, Resljeva cesta 18.

1962 Elektronabava moved to new premises at Titova cesta 1.

1973 In August 1973, the company moved to its new premises at Titova cesta 40 in the centre of Ljubljana as Elektronabava , company specialized for the export–import of electrotechnical material. (With the change of street names in 1992, the address of the company headquarters became Slovenska cesta 58.)

1990 Elektronabava purchased the old premises of the Energoinvest factory, which were remodelled for the needs of its warehouse. Work began at the remodelled warehouse at Cesta 24. junija 3 in 1993.

1993 Within the framework of remodelling the old premises of Energoinvest, the first retail outlet in Črnuče was opened in October 1993.


In the process of ownership restructuring, for which permission was granted in May 1995, Elektronabava was transformed into a joint–stock company under majority ownership of inside owners. On 28 November 1995, following the decision of the register court, Elektronabava became a joint–stock company (share capital 1,341,910,000 SIT). The company had its headquarters at Slovenska cesta 58 (formerly Titova 40) in the centre of Ljubljana until May 1999, when it was fully moved into the new upgraded premises above the warehouse in Črnuče, at Cesta 24. junija 3.

2000 By decision of the assembly in June 2000, activities took place to sell the company shares to the French multinational corporation Rexel , which in the process of a public tender became 100 % owner of Elektronabava.


In April, the joint–stock company was reorganized into a limited liability company, 100 % owned by Rexel S.A. Paris. Since then, it has operated in accordance with the guidelines provided by the owner. Throughout the years of its existence, Elektronabava has not changed its activities; it still remains specialized in the distribution of electrical supplies and solutions of all renowned manufacturers on the Slovenian market and has developed its own network of business units across Slovenia: Maribor since 2001, Koper since 2003, Murska Sobota since 2004, Novo mesto since 2005, Celje since 2006, Velenje since 2007.

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